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Corelogic Teletrack Solutions

CoreLogic® Teletrack™ solutions can provide your organization with an efficient cost-effective way to leverage non-traditional consumer information for risk assessment, fraud detection and skip-tracing. The versatility of our data, connectivity and access enables us to offer a large number of services to help you make the best decision for each applicant.

Our innovative process controls and comprehensive data enable us to provide you with customized solutions that meet your unique requirements in an ever-changing regulatory and fast-moving business environment. Our integration with other valuable data sources and value-added services, like credit scoring, are designed to provide you with all the data you need from a single efficient source. In addition, Teletrack™ allows you to access multiple data providers that offer traditional credit bureau, public records and bank account data. These data repositories can be used as concurrent or follow-on transactions, which enable you to access data on a conditional basis.

Lead Quality Scoring

The Teletrack LeadOptix score delivers an objective assessment of fraud risk and lead quality by examining the relationships between consumer name, address, phone and other attributes submitted on the application. LeadOptix is well-suited to the online lending environment because it permits a real-time assesment of the lead before inquiring on the credit of the applicant.

LeadOptix validates the submitted data and verifies the data is associated with the lead before applying composite non-traditional and traditional credit data. This data is not specific to the applicant but provides insight into the profitability of the lead under review.

Credit Risk Assessment

As the largest repository of non-traditional credit performance data in the United States, Teletrack helps you identify applicants that pose a high likelihood of charging-off based on their previous behavior with other non-prime businesses.

Use our risk assessment service to find out valuable applicant information, including previous inquiries, open loans, charge-offs and paid charge-offs.

Access risk assessment tools from Experian® and TransUnion® to perform an evaluation of traditional credit data and scores.

Credit Scoring

Complementary to LeadOptix, the LendOptix risk model helps finance companies understand and predict payment risk in the non-traditional lending market after the lead has been converted to an applicant. LendOptix provides a statistically sound and easy to utilize summary assessment of credit risk specific to alternative credit products.

Accessing scores from Experian® and TransUnion® allows you to offer services to consumers based on their own prior credit performance within the broader credit market.

Fraud Prevention & Identity Verification

Identify issued, invalid, or deceased Social Security number This service evaluates the submitted Social Security number (SSN) to determine if the SSN has ever been issued by the Social Security Administration. We compare the number against a file of over 72 million records, which is continuously updated.

Fraudsters may already have open agreements for similar merchandise or loans with other companies. Teletrack™ can provide you with information if an applicant has obtained multiple loans or rented similar merchandise within a recent time period.

Our identity verification process verifies consumer identity data, reports inconsistencies with consumer information, provides match and warning factors, and delivers a confidence score to you so that you can develop a strategy around what further steps may be necessary to verify the identity of the consumer.

Bank Account Validation

Teletrack™ validates the routing transit number (RTN) and indicates account restrictions and the Automated Clearing House (ACH) conditions for the financial institution, including the ability to receive ACH credits and/or debits. Our system indicates if the routing and account number combination has been reported in the past with the submitted SSN or associated with other SSNs. We are also able to indicate when the applicant SSN has been seen with other account numbers.

Using positive and negative status information contributed directly from financial services organizations, Teletrack™ offers access to bank validation. CoreLogic® Teletrack™ will return one of five possible bank statuses -Very High, High, Moderate, Low or No Hit.

Using the extensive data from FIS DebitBureau®, the FIS Debit Report provides real-time debit summaries about consumers who have or had checking or savings accounts.