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Payday Loan Phone Consultations

Payday Loan Phone Consultations

We receive requests to "Pick-Our-Brains" every day. It's usually along the lines of, "let's grab lunch; dinner; a drink..." Sorry! This industry is moving much too fast, we are VERY busy, Jer "works" and lives at the beach (Newport Beach, Calif.)and rarely leaves except for the conferences and conventions. Your doctor, lawyer, brain surgeon, psychiatrist, etc. cannot allow you to "Pick-Their-Brain" and unfortunately neither can we.

However, because of the numerous requests we receive, you may invest in a 10 to 60 minute phone consultation with Jer and, when appropriate, other members of our Team.

Limited time only: One free 15 minute consultation call. Schedule below. Pick your day and time.

Click Here to Schedule a free 1st time 15 minute consultation:.

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After making your investment, you'll be automatically directed to our Scheduler. You'll then be given the opportunity to select the day and time that is most convenient for you.

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