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Payday loan businesses are booming. Thousands of entrepreneurs are making huge profits offering cash advances. Various franchise companies are offering their help in starting and operating your new payday loan business. The question is, do you need their help? Does it make sense for you to pay a payday loan franchise company to teach you the ropes?

Please be aware that WE DO offer a payday loan system for sale. Additionally, we offer various Training Materials, boot camps in "live" stores and payday loan startup resources. The cash advance franchise industry is still in its infancy. There are no strong, well recognized payday loan companies with branding eliciting consumer recognition yet. Granted, if you were planning to enter the hamburger industry you would have no choice but to join a McDonalds™ or Burger King™ franchise network in order to succeed.

As experts in the payday loan industry, having opened our first location in Garden Grove, California in 1997, we offer the following responses to the payday loan franchise question:

Or begin with our Payday Loan Startup Manual (400+ pages - incl. store and Internet models) Priority Mail USPS Shipping or download now in Adobe Acrobat and save $$.

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