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Payday Loan Collection Guide

1) Payday Loan & Check Cashing Collections Guide

The payday loan and check cashing industries are collections businesses. If you're interested in entering these industries but are concerned about collection issues you need our Collections Guide. And if you're already in check cashing or payday loans chances are very good you need some help.

Our "Payday Loan & Check Cashing Collections Guide" was written by the principals of two companies having a combined 30 years in the business.

Collections GuideOur Collections Guide covers both the Internet and stores. Topics include the newest identification validation services, software, tactics, strategies, developing your own operations manual, back-end and front-end procedures, outsourcing your debt, working your debt in-house, selling your debt and much more.

"Payday Loan & Check Cashing Collections Guide":

WE guarantee if you implement our strategies and techniques your collection results will improve a minimum of 30%!

Our "Payday Loan & Check Cashing Guide" includes all of the tactics and strategies we have learned by operating our own stores and Internet operation, consulting with our clients the past 15+ years, and attending seminars and symposiums at FISCA and CFSA conventions since 1995.

You may order our "Payday Loan & Check Cashing Guide" in Adobe Acrobat for immediate download to your computer or have us print and ship it in a 3-ring binder, U.S.Postal service, Priority Mail.

Click here to order "Payday Loan & Check Cashing Collections Guide". It's included in our "Bible."

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