Our Guarantee:

We guarantee our Payday Loan Startup & Training Manual will enable you to successfully start and operate a payday loan business.
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2-Day Intensive Payday Loan
Training Boot Camp

  • Boot camps are run in our Texas "live" Loan Center
  • We offer payday loan and car title loan training
  • You and one employee/partner may attend
  • Our Payday Loan Manual, our Car Title Loan Manual and our Gold Manual are included
  • These are "one-on-one" intensive workshops customized for your situation and challenges
  • We cover both the store model and the Internet Model
  • The fee is $3550 total per company (Including our Manuals) If you already invested in our Title Loan Manual or our Payday Loan Manual, you may deduct $500.00.
  • We schedule to accommodate your Team

Payday Loan Boot and Title Loan Boot Camp

Are you thinking about getting into the Payday Loan business? The Car Title Loan Business? Do you want to really know the in's and outs of owning a payday Loan company? A car title loan company? Reading a Manual is one thing, but actually performing the daily task of owning and operating a loan company is a whole different beast. A loan manual cannot answer specific questions that arrive after just reading it. So, stop reading and start doing!

Come to our Payday Loan or Title Loan Boot Camp and experience the actual day to day operations in a "live" store to see if this business is right for you!! We'll show you how to get a customer and exactly what to do when your first customer arrives. We will show you how to qualify and process a loan candidate and how to collect once you have your first customer. We'll let you log into our software and teach you the step-by-step process of transacting a loan. We'll answer all of your questions at that very moment to end any speculation that may occur.

So, stop guessing how a payday or title loan business works and come learn on the job!! We'll show you exactly how to organize your office to handle your daily tasks, and what to do if a loan goes bad. This Boot Camp will save you a tremendous amount of time and money, and when you leave our Seminar/Boot Camp you will have the tools and experience needed to start your own payday or title loan business! We cover payday loan, car title and scrap gold business startups and operations including stores and the Internet.

Again, our Seminars/Boot camps are conducted in our Texas "live" Loan Center.)

When? How soon can you study our Manual and get here?

Who can attend our Boot Camp? You and one additional member of your Team.

How to Get Started?
To reserve your date and spot we require a deposit of $550.00. On receipt, we'll email an Adobe Acrobat copy of our "Payday Loan Startup & Training Bible or our Car Title Loan Manual for your study and we'll contact you to secure your training dates in Texas.

Two weeks prior to your scheduled training, we'll need the balance of your training investment: $3000.00. Credit cards are acceptable.

Refunds: Please notify us at least 10 days prior to your scheduled training date for a refund of $3000. We are unable to refund your initial deposit of $550 for our training manual materials; they are yours.

What? You already invested in our "Payday Loan Startup & Training Manual? Your initial $550 deposit is reduced to a total of $315. Your remaining balance will be $3000 and must be paid at least 2 weeks in advance of your scheduled Seminar/Boot Camp date.

Just want our PDL Training Manual for now? Click here!

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